Ministerial Services

Ministerial Services

Monica is a High Priestess, and minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth Church. She defines being a priestess as a woman who dedicates herself to her family and community and to the pursuit of the sacred mysteries and is empowered by the Sacred Divine. She is a priestess, a healer, a seeker, a mystic, an artist, a crafter, a dancer, a lover, a warrior, a mother, a wise one in the service of her family and community. She aspires to be a beacon of light to those who are on their spiritual journey. Her mission is to facilitate your own spiritual growth and transformation, and to empower you so that the evolution of human consciousness and the human soul is manifested.

Monica currently leads The Singing Blue Lotus Temple in the Reading, PA area. Its mission is to educate and build a community of those who seek to walk the path of a shamanic witch.

Spiritual Counseling

Feeling stuck and unhappy where you are spiritually? Not sure about your next step? Working with spirit and your higher-self will assist you in figuring out what beliefs, thought patterns and relationships no longer serve your highest good. I can provide insight and teach you simple techniques that can help you cope and overcome life’s difficult situations as well as help you achieve your new goals and support your new life’s direction. I will learn how you can live your life to the fullest and empower yourself to take back control of your life. Life is too short and we only have now. Living the present to its full potential will help you create the future you want.

Home/Business/Land Cleansing or Blessing

A home cleansing is a ritual performed to cleanse the negative energies or unwanted spirits from the home, business or land. Many different clearing methods are employed to achieve this goal. Many different cultures and religions have simple rituals in which the property is blessed to bring in the positive energies like, love, prosperity, peace and protection. A home blessing ritual consists of a prayer and energetic work done to imbue the property with positive energies. I can also set up a crystal grid in your home to bring in the energies that you desire and need.

Cord Cutting

It is a ritual in which we serve the emotional, mental and energetic ties that we may have with things that no longer serve us. It is an excellent tool to help us in the moving on process from bad relationships and unhealthy thought patterns. It also allows us to shed all negative energies that we might have collected throughout our everyday lives.

Rites of Passage

  • Child Blessing or Naming Ceremony – A child blessing is a ceremony in which we welcome and bless the new child into this world and the family (in case of adoptions.) You can choose to at this time present who their Goddessmother and Godfather will be. 
  • Coming of Age Ceremony – It is a ceremony held once a child becomes a young person. It celebrates a special milestone like when they reach a certain age or once they are able to perform a specific task that helps their family and community. The family comes together in celebration and share with them their wisdom and teachings about their place and role in this world.
  • Handfasting Ceremony – It is a ceremony in which two people exchange vows with one another. It can be of an official nature (a legal marriage) or of a spiritual nature (not a legal marriage, just a partnership). It is an alternative to a traditional wedding ceremony or the justice of the peace.
  • Memorial – It is a ceremony in which you honor the memory of a passed loved one. The loved one can be a father, mother, brother, sister, unborn child or pet.
  • Last Rites – It is a ritual that was known in the past as the anointing of the sick. It was done to people who are very ill, about to undergo a serious operation or when they are getting ready to transition into another state of existence. The person is anointed with special oil (in this case a blend of essential oils prepared exclusively for this purpose). A prayer is done and a blessing is given. The purpose is to speed up the recovery process or to prepare the soul for its impending journey to the great beyond.

I work with clients in-person or remotely, to schedule a Ministerial Service, click below.

I work with clients in-person or remotely, to schedule a Ministerial Service, click below.