Have you ever seen a UFO/UAP? Have you had physical or dreamtime interaction with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings? If so, you may be an Experiencer of the Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional contact phenomena. Some people experience life changing events that they may need help to integrate and understand. Some may just have a vague recollection of dubious interactions and they would like to explore them further. Some of these experiences may have been positively enriching and some of the interactions could have been scary, but together we can delve deeper into these experiences so that we can try to address your concerns, find answers to your questions, help you heal from a traumatic experience or help you foster good relationships. We can achieve this via the use of shamanic trance experiences or Hypnotherapy modalities like ET Abduction Regression Therapy.

ET Abduction Regression Therapy

Sometimes people have experiences with beings that they have a vague recollection or they have a sense that something is amiss. Some people have experiences with known beings like spirits of the recently deceased or angels and some may have experience with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings. As a result, some may suffer from PTSD from those interactions. Regression therapy offers the opportunity to explore these experiences in a safe, compassionate environment where you are supported, protected and cared for. Exploring these experiences and gaining a deeper understanding of them may help the experiencer heal and move forward in their healing journey.

CE-5 is an acronym for: ‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind’. They are a set of protocols that you follow to actively initiate contact with Interdimensional and Cosmic Beings. We do so with the intent to establish a peaceful and collaborative communication and relationship with them.  

  • CE-5 ET Contact Gatherings – The goal of these gatherings is to achieve ET contact via shamanic trance work and using ET Crystal Skulls. These events are indoor and psychic contact events. The goal is to create a psychic connection with our Cosmic Brethren and foster a friendship of mutual respect and collaboration.
  • CE- 5 ET Contact Expeditions – During these expeditions we go through the CE-5 protocols outdoors to see physical phenomena or have a psychic experience. These expeditions are held at the French Creek State Park and the season usually starts in April and ends in October.